Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My poetry book has been published

Good news, I have finally published my poetry book! It took a lot of hesitation on my part and a lot of encouragement from my friends. I was about to give up, when my fiance said "You have everything, right? Just go ahead and publish it." He helped me with the cover and so, it's out in the world: "The relativity of a corroded mind".

Here is how it all happened...

I have over 100 poems typed up on my computer, written over the years. I have posted a few of them here and there on the internet and I have received generally good feedback. Last year, I decided to publish some of them on the internet on one of the self-publishing sites.

After an unsatisfying experience with one site, I chose Blurb. It looked professional and their book making software was very easy to work with.

I had the poems, I had the means to publish the book, my fiance would help me with the cover... All I needed was the courage.

So, one day, I decided to make the book, working my way through all of my poems and choosing the best ones. Since I could add my own fonts, I used a nice elegant one I had on my computer. I liked it so much, I redesigned my blog with it, as you can see.

The cover image is an old drawing of mine, which I had edited in Gimp. My fiance helped me with it, fixing some technical problems (the nose was too big and the eyes askew), added the title and author name and, voila! I had a cover.

I must admit, putting the book together meant a nice trip down memory lane. I was sometimes amazed at how interesting some poems were and how bad others sounded. I asked myself if my readers would enjoy them, if they would understand. I hope they will.

I want to thank everyone for all of their own contribution, in one way or another, to the making and publishing of my book. I might not have done it without the support and kind words of my friends and occasional readers.

"Come with me into my Train of Wonder,
The only one that comes from Nowhere
And leads back into Void."


  1. Well done to you on the completion of your project, Lavi!

  2. Congratulations Lavi. It does take courage to put yourself, and your works, out there - you've taken the first step, your first book... the first of many. Well done!

  3. Thank you! Well, next I might do some prose :D

  4. Congratulations! This is excellent news, and you've been keeping so hush about it all this time ;)

    I have been away' (from blogging) for a few days and have now fallen so far behind...so much to catch up on. I scrolled through all the many. many posts I've missed, reading headlines quickly to be able to decide where to start and as soon as I saw yours, I simply had to pop right over to say how thrilled I am for you :) Carol at Facing 50 has also just had her first book published, so between the two of you, I'm now in the company of authors! :)

    I'll be back as soon as I've begun to make a little dent in my reading...I also need to do a new post, myself. Watch this space :)

    Meantime, I hope you've cracked open a bottle of something sparkling...to celebrate!!!

  5. I am so angry...I spent ages last evening putting together what I thought was a really nice post alerting my readers to your and Carol's great news. Blogger was clearly having a moody night, because when I uploaded it, it gobbled up more than 2/3s of what I'd prepared and would not allow me to retrieve the missing chunks. So, I had to delete it. I unfortunately do not have the time today to redo the post from scratch and I'm now so far behind with everything, it's doubtful I'm going to be able to catch up on what I missed.


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