Friday, August 26, 2011

A little free talk

I have been afflicted with chatterboxy and I'm afraid it's pretty bad. Which is why this post will be delayed (because I want my new chapter to have enough time to be noticed; I don't get 100+ views and comments within the first hour) and why you might not want to read it, unless you have time to waste... I mean, spare.

I have been working hard translating a book (about Hitler, mind you) and even went over my deadline, doing 10 pages a day every day... If I took a couple of hours off to nap, it felt like a sacrilege :D

I posted a few funnies on facebook about the war, based on the information in the book. Here they are, for your entertainment:
'French troops march 11km into Germany "We support you, Poland! We are doing this symbolic diversion for you."
Poland army being destroyed by the Germans "Thanks, we really appreciate it ^^" 
Meanwhile, Britain was scattering some flyers from a plane. They were also trying to help Poland... I think.'
'Yugoslavians under attack by the Germans...
"We bought these planes from the Germans."
"Ah, it means they must be good ^^"
"But now our own artillery won't know who's who..." 
'British armies going to help Norway. "Yay, we're here to help!" "Did anyone bring skis and maps?" "We needed those? o.o`" 
British armies going to help fight in the African desert. "We're here to help too ^^!" "Sir, our tanks are breaking down because of the sand." "Oh... just leave them, we'll go on foot." "Look at the funny Germans, hauling theirs around on transporters :D"'

As you can see, my humour is pretty rotten. War is a very sad thing though... It's not like you see in films, with great strategies and acts of heroism. It's a big mess, where you struggle to survive or to win a crazy gamble. But enough with the philosophy.

I just finished the book last week and now I'm unemployed again (it's a project-based sort of thing) and with too much free time on my hands. I've been playing some poker and catching up with one of my favourite bands. You might notice a change in the "song of the day" section. One of the main singers, Cho Kyuhyun, has a divine voice. I feel like such a fangirl :D I'll definitely have to dedicate a post to this. Soon.

I rarely ramble like this, but I've had a lot of vocal energy building up and no way to let it burst. Plus, this is my personal blog, but I don't really talk about myself. And I don't have any friends either :P I'll have to talk about this too, but maybe later on.

As you can see, I live in a tiny world, but my dreams are infinite. Hope everyone is well.


  1. Now I know where you've been :) Great news re having finished the book translation and also, about being a chatterbox! You can chatter anytime you wish...I'm a very good listener :)

    Hold on to those dreams, Lavi, because one day you will find they've all been realised! In the meantime, continue to enjoy your life fully, each and every day, because that's all any of us has. And, remember, the size of ones world is no indicator of the quality of life one leads. Never forget, it is entirely possible "To see a world in a grain of sand... heaven in a wild flower...infinity in the palm of your hand...eternity in an hour." (William Blake was a wise man!)

    How is your potted plant coming along? Did the cutting take?

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  3. Chatter away! I am more than happy to spend time with you.
    Just been linking your blog to mine in a mischievous way for the 16th September - maybe that will make you smile.
    In the meantime I am sending you huge cyber hugs.

  4. Did I sound depressed? o.o` If I'm chatty, I'm far from it. Could use a source of income other than mom though :D
    Thanks for the nice thoughts. Hitler was fun, the author was pretty good.
    The plant is good, sprouting leaves every which way.
    Juanita, I hope you get a job soon too :3 Too much free time isn't always good.
    A mischievous way? I'm innocent! That's not my porn :D

  5. Lavi head over to my blog and see if you would ever be interested in a Campaign Building Challenge. I am busy but could not pass it up it sounds like so much fun...
    Hope to see you there...


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