Sunday, July 22, 2012

Long time, long time...

Dear world,

How have you been? I have been away from this place and I find it a bit foreign and childish now, though perhaps I still haven't grown up too much since I've last been here.

I'm sitting here now, in front of the keyboard, like old times, thinking the keys are still too noisy and too hard to press. There are two barrels o' slime next to me, a few "look under the cap" bottle caps and a lot of indescribable junk.

Why am I back? Who knows? Am I going to come back more often? Again, who knows? Is there anyone out there who still remembers me? Who will say "hey, how have you been?"

As you can see, I am in quite a selfish and pouty mood, which really won't help the overall atmosphere of this little blog.

Anyway, as things go, this is still my little corner so come if you want, read what you like, say what you will, I will still always grin.

The crocodile

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  1. Hi Lavi, nice to see you pop up again - no hard and fast rules to follow in blogland... that's what I like, we can come and go as we please.
    Hope all's good in your world.
    Cheerio for now :D)


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