Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life under the rock

Sometimes the world comes to slap you around with a large trout. It leaves you feeling cold and stingy and wondering if you really deserved it.

I find it quite annoying to talk about my life, wondering what people will say/think/gossip about it. It's a bit frustrating and makes me feel that the trout is completely undeserved. Still, one does enjoy rambling about oneself from time to time. And guess what I'm here for, eh?

It is however my understanding that, in order to actually feel good about yourself talking (about yourself, but not necessarily), you first need someone to hear you out. And technically, people randomly stumbling upon your rants are extremely rare. "Oh, this person has interesting views and lots of things in common with me. But I just live under a rock and can't let myself maybe embarrass myself by leaving a nice comment here." And they just skip on to the other interesting site they wanted to visit. I know it happens. I did that today.

So, technically, who could come and read all the string of words you've written? Well, your friends, if you actually had any. Great job at living under that rock! In this case, you can try to urge your workmates/classmates to come read the new amazing thing you just spewed on your blog. Or, then again, you could just develop multiple personalities, some of them your undying fans, others your severe critics, others simple passers-by, wondering who the hell is that nut case.

It's never easy and not really effective to chat with your dog, although she might enjoy it. Or is that just for the treats?

Anyway, I have been greening my thumbs lately, pruning the hibiscus, making plans of stealing a little stem off a rose in the garden... I like plants and I enjoy growing them, but where I live now there is very little sunlight during the day (and even less during the night), so I need something that doesn't really depend on photosynthesis... Wish me luck finding such a house plant, heh!

Well, I would say enough chitter-chatter. Salutations from under the rock!

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