Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The garden on the windowsill

You might remember from an older post of mine, A garden in a pot, that I really like flowers and that I have always had a potted plant in my room.

This spring, even before the first sprouts had emerged outside, I started to get very ambitious. Well, to be quite honest, the idea had started to nag me ever since last autumn, when I began to wish for a nice plant to cover the railing of my balcony.

Since then, I have been making plans, gathering seeds and cuttings and having dreams about my very own beautiful garden, right here in our flat.

My plants and cups with planted seeds.

Do you remember my hibiscus? It is doing very well and has even had a few blossoms this spring, which I unfortunately cut for the spring pruning and for creating new plants. I gave two cuttings to my mother and one is growing some roots in a new pot. After the pruning, the old hibiscus has had lots of little leaves sprouting from all over the trunk. It is a joy to look at!

It may not look like much, but it will grow into a beautiful little shrub.

I have also planted a few flower seeds, without much luck though... We had a bout of cold weather and I don't think it did them too well. My fiance wanted to plant some hot peppers and to our astonishment, after a shy start, the jalapenos are doing quite well. I am watering them carefully and keeping my fingers crossed. Imagine, eating peppers grown and cared for by your own two hands!

Tiny jalapeno sprouts. Some are already growing a second set of leaves.

Quite a while ago, I decided I wanted freesia plants quite badly, so I kept looking at the seeds section in supermarkets and dreaming about them. Lucky me, we actually found some corms for sale and I bought a whole pack.

Now two thirds of them are sitting quietly in their makeshift pots. I have been so concerned that they wouldn't sprout, that I gently uncovered them today. They were not rotten, phew! and also I could feel them rooted into the ground. Hopefully, there will be tiny green heads sticking out.

Of course, I can't stop at this. I will be planting some honeysuckle cuttings for the railing soon. And I'm still dreaming about having a peony in a pot. The kind with lots of deep pink velvety petals. I hear I should wait until autumn though, such a pity!

How about you, dear reader? What flower do you really really want to have growing in your garden or pot?

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