Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bitesize fiction. With a pinch of salt. Part 1

First Officer's log, stardate 20150704

It has been a few days since we left Earth to visit the remote planet of Salinia. It boasts vast reserves of salt and a very intricate network of caves.

Our mission is to explore the potential for trade and technological exchange. We will be rendez-vous-ing with a prominent mineralogist and Starfleet ambassador, Admiral T'nera. Our orders are to pick her up and take her to Salinia to conduct the negotiations.

The crew are looking forward to the cultural experience - the Salinians are said to be welcoming and friendly to other races. We will be arranging shore leave for everyone, including the Captain, who has been very busy at Starfleet Command lately.

The trip so far has been uneventful, with a brief stop at Starbase 319 for provisions. We have been travelling through friendly territory and the traffic has consisted mostly of freighters and passenger transports.

We hope that there will be no encounters with the Klingons, since reports have mentioned a few tense meetings. Only time will tell.

End log.


  1. 'Salinia' ..... Nice !
    Waiting for the next bite :-)

    1. Thanks! They are inspired by our current vacation with my husband and mother-in-law. There will be some intrigue... but I hope our stay will be uneventful.


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