Friday, November 24, 2017

Broken pencil poetry. You thief!

If you rehearse it... you are a thief.

You thief!
24 Nov 2017

Walk this way
On your synapses,
From one neuron
To the next,
On your way
Through your own dreams.

Have you left breadcrumbs
On your path
To your imagination?
Have you picked all the locks?
Jumped all the fences?

You thief!

You are treading carefully,
Wobbling on the tightrope -
You have rehearsed this so thoroughly,
Why are you so afraid
To perform
Without a safety net?


  1. I thoroughly love the way you have described and visualized !!!! So often we don't leave a breadcrumb trail and the idea deserts us later ;-P Call me a dunce, I cannot understand why this is titled 'you thief'.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked it!

      I can see though how the title can be confusing, because this is a little personal concept of mine, that art is truly art when it comes from a moment's inspiration (I see this as a new path between neurons). If you try to recreate it later from memory, it seems to me that you are stealing your own idea. Somehow it is never as good as the first time it came to your mind.

    2. Ah, I can relate to that.
      I have often found that my very first sketch or painting is Always better than any 'copy' I may make later. I always thought it was my personal limitation, since I like to freehand!

      However, there is another aspect to stealing one's own original idea. In many areas one can actually build on the initial to create a much better &/or wider range.

      Very interesting.
      I have missed many of your posts ... must remember to go through what you've written :-)

  2. You are right about building on an older idea.
    I actually haven't been posting much, but thank you for reading! :)


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