Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be a darling, pass the salt and pepper of life

It's crazy in here. The grinning crocodile is grinning at you trying to say "no way, no how, not a lizard's chance in hell".

My dear friends (if there are any out there), I have very often been taught a bunch of bullshit by a lot of people. People including my parents, my friends, teachers, people who feel it's their "duty" to educate other people...

And it doesn't take a lot of hitting your head against the wall until you realise you've got a headache and should stop.

This will probably not make sense in the morning. Although it already is morning and it should make better sense now than any other time. But everything is still just a matter of perspective and opinion, isn't it? You can distort your reality the way you want and glue it over your eyes and tell people "look, this is the real reality".

What is the real reality anyway? No, we're not in the Matrix here, but we're still living our own artificial lives, slaves to our own misconceptions, preconceptions, religion, hypocrisy and illusions. Oh, and tv.

Seriously, has anyone seen the grinning crocodile grinning at them saying "no way, no how, not a lizard's chance in hell" to all those real realities?

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