Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I'll try anything once." "Except sex!"

I'm at a loss... At a big loss because I realise sometimes that all the things I'm putting so much effort into are useless and silly and - most important of all - not vital.

Let's take it from the "dark ages". Watching the same cartoons over and over on tv, reading stories written in a horrible way and a number of other "entertaining activities" that have done almost nothing for me.

Then, there were computer games, which ate a good many years of my time. But hey, they were fun.

Normally, fun is good. Generally, we need fun to relax, not lose our mind or other general useful things. I'd like to add just one thing: moderation is the key. Hold the key like it's going to unlock the room where the princess is kept. That's when you can win the game.

If I sound irrational or too mad-hatterish for your taste, fine, there's a door over there, it's always open. You're free to go. If you want to stay and explore the matrix, welcome. Would you like some wine?

Running to catch that train of thought, we get to the "moderation is better than excess" sign. Think about it a little. But don't become too concentrated. If you experience everything in a non-obsessive, calm way, you will actually enjoy it. If you gobble down too much of something for too long (such as tv, computer games or the infamous chocolate), you'll realise it's eventually tasteless. And you've got a tummy ache.

Remember the "I'm never drinking again" hangover resolution? That's the other extreme. Of course you'll be drinking again. But the only stupid thing you can do is overdoing it.

So, what is the other extreme and why is it bad? An interesting medical concept is that "a little evil can do a lot of good". There are a whole bunch of cases when people kill themselves by taking too many painkillers. A hell lot of painkillers can kill you along with the pain. But just one or two can make that excruciating pain go away.

I might have made my point clear. You might forget about it when clicking the next link. They say the internet is addictive too...

So, hey, enjoy in moderation.

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  1. That's the key to leading a balanced life...moderation!


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