Monday, February 14, 2011

1+1=2, not 11

Oh, shit! It's Valentine's day.
You see red and pink everywhere, hearts and roses, cards, "I love you"s, ribbons and balloons. And somewhere in the whole commotion, love was hushed quietly in a corner, to be admired and praised, while at the front of the store, the smell of money wafted gently. Is it really that bad?

It's a bit like Christmas, I can't help buy say. It's good for business. That's for sure. And what about the rest?

A quick glance, a shy smile, rosy cheeks and a note slipped unnoticed in shaking hands. Yes, it sounds cheesy enough, but you probably know the feeling. Of million stings in your cheeks and words not wanting to come out properly.

We have the "anti-Valentine" here and yes, there are reasons for that. One of them is that we also have our own Dragobete here in Romania. Do we need an excuse to be cheesy and loving? Do we need two excuses?

Life rushes everywhere, money is made, hurry hurry hurry. Do take a break, look at the person next to you and thank them for being in your life. Now you have the excuse...

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