Friday, May 6, 2011

Beyond the canvas

What if the human body were elastic like a membrane? What if we had to change our appearance more drastically than the mere phases of age?

There is a theme common to several science fiction stories. One being living in symbiosis with another, which provides it with a body, a voice, transportation. The "parasite" would be the actual soul and personality.

I have seen a very interesting Star Trek episode, where love endured through several of these body changes. The conclusion was though that, as humans, we have difficulty seeing beyond mere appearances.

Are we? What if your lover were to become ugly, completely different, change their gender in an instant?

We make ourselves look more handsome or beautiful. We try to stay fit and young and we wear nice clothes. There are many doctrines that say we should love others equally, yet they look at homosexuality as a sin.

Are we appearance-biased? Some of us a lot, others, maybe just a little.


  1. Good, thought provoking post today, Lavi. I guess if love really exists, and our partner did change in any way, then our love for them should still shine through. I would like to think so anyway, but then, I'm an old romantic!

  2. Interesting string of thoughts here. I think science fiction tells far deeper truths than just about any other form of fiction.

  3. I would say yes most people are sight inhibited. Once we see someone one way it is hard to accept the same person with a different appearance. IE cross dressers.
    Thanks for stopping by and following me today. I really hope he gets out of this stage soon too or one of us will not survive his puberty! haha

  4. I have been gardening furiously (yes, like a demon!) for the past two days as we have workmen here all of next week and I won't be able to get near my garden. Anyway, The reason I mentioned this is to explain why I'm later than usual with reading and catching up on my favourite blogs.

    I'm thrilled to see some others beat me to it, though and left such positive comments. I fully concur that this was a thought-provoking post, Lavi. I, too, would like to believe appearances aren't the only determinants for lasting love, but I fear this is probably idealistic.

  5. Yes, unconditional love is quite idealistic, but that could never stop us for reaching for it.


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