Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bitesize fiction. "No"

"No..." she said politely when he offered her a drink.

"No, no..." she argued when he brought her chocolates. He looked at her slim frame and tried again. The answer was a nervous "No", emphasized by a shake of her head.

"No!" she hung up the phone annoyed. She thought to herself that, if he were to call her at work one more time, she'd have to call in sick for a week. Maybe even request a transfer.

"No." she stopped him a few metres away before meeting on the street. He looked morose, turned around and walked away.
"No!" She slammed the door in his face and he was left alone on her doorstep, a rose in his hand.

"No!" she laughed drunkenly. "No." she repeated with a smile, but still kissed him.

"Nooo..." Her head was throbbing with a bad hangover and the lights were simply blinding. He gave her a pill and a glass of water. "No..." she protested feebly, but took the pill anyway. He rubbed her shoulders gently and let her sleep.

"No!" her cheeks were red as she vehemently protested to any innuendo made by her workmates and friends. Of course she wasn't dating that guy. They just kissed at a party, that was it.

"No..." she tried to protest tiredly when he called to ask her out again. She could do better than that, couldn't she? "No!" She hung up.

"No..." the flowers fell from his hands. His mouth fell open. She was with another man, looking quite happy. "No no no..." he trailed off, realising he had had no chance to begin with. She noticed him and tried to call back to him as he was darting away angry and frustrated. "No!" but he was already out of sight.

The phone was quiet for a few weeks, so was the doorbell. Nobody to say "no" to anymore. Tears started pouring down her cheeks when she realised she missed him, missed saying "no" to him.

"No" he turned away from her, pretending to go back to work. "No!" he said firmly against her explanations and excuses. She left. He raised his eyes and watched her go.

"No" she said when he ordered champagne. He had decided to accept her apologies and asked her out to dinner. He nodded as the waiter poured the champagne, a glint in his eyes.

"No" he stopped her before she could take a sip. He got down on one knee and retrieved a small box from his pocket. Her face turned a bright red and a tear trailed down her cheek. Her answer this time though, was no longer the dreaded "no".


  1. A sweet little story Lavi :D)

  2. Lovely story showing that often the best things are right there in front of us, but we refuse to see them, until it's too late. Glad your story had a happy ending!

  3. Thanks! I must admit, when I thought about it at first, it was a pretty good idea, but somehow it turned into something mushy...

  4. Just checking up on you. Hope everything is ok and that you have a lovely weekend!

  5. really interesting blog. happy to be here :)

  6. Really enjoyed this Lavi today. I like your stories. By the way I have just tagged you at facing 50 with humour - come along and play the game :)

  7. Hi Lavi, just dropping by to say I hope all's well with you. You mentioned previously you were busy ... so I infer no pressure on you to post.
    It's always good to have a little bloggie break and be able to do things in our real life and have a catch up.
    Cheerio, and see you later on :D)

  8. Oh, yes, sorry, but I'm going insane with the translation and housework. I hope to calm down in a week.

    Hope nobody misses me too much :D


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