Friday, April 22, 2011

Dream shards. Harley Davidson eggs

Last night I dreamt I was staying at a hotel of sorts with my mom, my fiance and a few other people. My mother's room was very elegant, with antique beds, tall mirrors and it was all extremely clean.

Out to find my friends in their other room, I met the little fat boy, who had a bunch of scallions in his hand, going to lunch. I started talking to him, to maybe get a couple of scallions myself. My dad and I always used to have them with almost every meal in spring.

"Of course you can have some. But first, I have to leave one here." We got to a classroom, where, on a bookcase shelf, there was a big bowl full of wilting scallions. The boy put one of his own in the bowl and said "Earth day".

Getting a bit late, I left the boy and his scallions and went to my friends' room. It was nothing like mom's room. It was dark, crowded, with a sense of familiarity. Everyone was huddled in front of a tv set, playing video games.

After staying a while and chatting, I got hungry. One of my friends ordered something for me, saying the food there was great.

Soon enough, the cook herself brought me the food on a plate. She was a stocky woman, of mysterious Russian-Spanish origin and her otherwise good English was sprinkled with a few Spanish words.

She carried a plate with three fried eggs and some fried meat. They were all so well fried, that the eggs had a crust underneath and on the sides, which was very close to a burnt shade of black.

Trying to stay nice, though I like my fried eggs without the crunchy crust, I tried a compliment towards the expectant cook. "Thank you! The eggs look very... sturdy." She seemed pleased with this and stayed for a chat.

Quite amused at all this, I turned to Scorp and showed him the food. "Look, Harley Davidson eggs!" He smiled and continued talking to the cook.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to dig in, mom called me for some important matter she had to discuss with me.

I went back to the other room, but everyone was asleep already. Mom woke up and started trying to persuade me about some nonsense she found important, like she always does. Losing my patience, I turned to leave saying "Mom, that's what you called me for? My Harley Davidson eggs are getting cold."

Of course, mom didn't get the joke and just grumbled something behind me. I left her to her own device and was on my way back to the other room and my lunch.

On the way, I met the boy with scallions again. I asked for some, thinking they might be good with my eggs, but this time he didn't want to. I ended up trying to wrestle one from his hands, while he kept arguing "It's for Earth day. They're for Earth day, you can't have any."

And this is where the dream shattered...


  1. This is another idea I've had in a while. I have insanely strange dreams and often remember quite a lot of them. I thought that I'd tell you any interesting ones, as much as I can remember. They are called "shards", because I can only recall fragments. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

  2. It shows that you've been thinking about Earth Day and what it means to you, personally. Your Mother's perfect room and her insistence that you heed whatever it was she was trying to persuade you of, juxtaposed with the memory of your Dad in the scallions vision and the crowded, messy room with the overcooked meal...I'm sure a dream analyst would have a great time unravelling all the hidden meanings in this, Lavi! I wonder why the Harley Davidson features?

  3. Unfortunately, I have no idea what Earth day is about... After searching on the net, I find out it is today. Maybe there are more screws loose in my brain than I thought. I had no idea about Earth day.

    Actually, from what I know, dreams are just a replay of random memories. Most of my dreams are about nonsensical and trivial things my mind gobbled up when I wasn't paying attention.

    A dream analyst would be completely wasted on me.

  4. Well, I must say, your dream is even more amazing then! Not knowing about Earth Day or that it is celebrated today, makes it remarkable that you had a dream in which it featured last night! Seems more than coincidence :)

    I seldom remember dreams, but on the rare occasion when I do, I can usually relate the contents to things I've been grappling with or troubled about.

  5. I know how that is... I would dream about solving physics after working a whole day on the same thing.

    Actually, I'm not really sure it was "Earth day" in my dream. But those scallions were meant for some strange environmental purpose. I probably just saw news about this day on facebook and filled in the blanks.

    Though my fiance says he's had premonition dreams before, I don't think I can really do that. But who knows... Maybe the collective consciousness sent the news to me. :D

  6. What vivid and detailed dreams you have! Did you wake up hungry?

  7. Now that I think about it, I wasn't really hungry.

    But yes, I have very vivid dreams and often get tricked when I wake up that the dream had been real.


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