Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scorpio Design

Maybe you've heard of my fiancé, Scorpio, though I don't say much about him here (he's rather camera-shy). He's a friendly guy though, don't worry. Also, he's quite the budding artist and this is what the whole story is about.

Lately, he's been improving his skills in graphic design, both 2D and 3D. Since we're both kind of out of work right now, he's been making logos for a lot of companies.

He has also recently launched his little presentation site, showcasing some of his newest and best logos. Feel free to look around, though it's just at the beginning and doesn't have a lot of content yet.

That is his site logo.
Now, for my little announcement...

He is offering to make free logos or buttons for my followers throughout the month of April.

If you have an idea for a design and want him to do it for you, just contact him (the e-mail address is on the site) or me or just leave a comment here. It's really easy and said he'd do it for free for my followers. That was his little request, that you also follow either of the two main blogs. I've also made this announcement on the doggie blog.

I do hope you drop by and request a logo or button. It's free after all.


  1. Hi Lavi!

    I've been off-line for a couple of days (network problems, but thankfully all fixed again) I missed this. What a super idea and how very generous! I do hope some of your followers will take him up on his offer :)

    I'm going to take a peek at his site, now!


    Des xoxo

  2. Your fiance is clearly talented! Holding thumbs tightly he gets lots of commissions, soon :)

  3. Don't worry about it, I've been busy as well. I finally got a real job: translating a book into Romanian.

    Thanks, I will tell him. He really enjoys this and thought we could help each other with our little projects: his designs and my blogging.

  4. Hope you're enjoying the book you have to translate? What a big job!

    Hope you manage to take some time off to rest and relax this weekend and enjoy the start of spring...maybe take some pictures to share on your blog? That would be super! I used my new camera (Nikon D3 100) and took pictures in the garden this week, which I've uploaded on my blog. I'm keen to get out there this weekend and take plenty more :)

  5. Oh my, you were so fast. I barely had time to look at your blog post and poof! an email with your comment.

    The book is nice, it's about paranormal events. Very leafy though...

    I'd love to take photos, but right now, the weather is dull. I will post some older ones from the country side.

  6. Hi Lavi, I looked at your fiancee's work yesterday, he's got a nice style.
    I would love to take him up on his kind offer to make a blog button. I shall email him as you suggest, thank you.

  7. Thanks Susan. I think he got the email.


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