Monday, April 4, 2011

Once upon a village road...

Big world, very big world
For the first 4 years of my life, I lived with my grandparents at their village house. Life was simple then, I was in the garden all day or playing with the hatchlings and everyone around me seemed old and wise, including my 10 year-old friends.

My grandmother was like a second mother to me. I know you hear it a lot and it's as cliché as can be, but it is true. She took care of me, since my parents had to work. Maternity leaves lasted only a few months back then and there was no word of paternity leaves yet.

Most of the people I saw in the village were very old, while my parents, still quite young, lived in a town and went to work every day. My little prekindergarten mind got the idea that, when you're small, you live in the village with grandparents; then, you go to the big city (my hometown is a very small town actually) and go to school; after that, when you are old enough, get married, have kids and go to work; eventually, when you grow old, you will move back to the village to raise chickens and farm the land. Yes, it was all very clear to me then.


One of my fondest memories is about taking care of ducklings. Ducks are my favourite animal and I can swear they have a permanent smile on. I was attached to one in particular, who was hatched out of season and didn't have a "groupie" to stay with. You know that baby ducks will think of the first being they see as their mother? My dear duckling pet was following me all around. I would pretend I was teaching her tricks...

Unfortunately, she must have ended up as roast, since that was the fate of all poultry around there. My grandma never really told me what happened to her and maybe that's for the best. Maybe I will entertain you with more stories of my country life later...


  1. Super Lavi. I have been waiting for these stories since you first mentioned the village life you had as a child, and subsequently your mention of how great an affinity you have for ducks! This sounds so charming. Any photos of the village? You obviously had very different ideas of how you envisaged your future once you went to be educated in the bigger town! I look forward to hearing more when you feel like sharing :). We know so little about life in Romania.

  2. I will add more stories, of course. I don't have a lot of photos though... And most of them don't show much of the place.

  3. What a wonderful story! It's sweet to read about your young logic, and the lovely life you had then.

  4. Thank you for sharing some of your childhood memories. Looking after the ducks, and having your own special duckling sounds wonderful. No wonder they are your favourite animal.
    Are you familiar with the works of Beatrix Potter and, in particular, her book the "Tale of Jemima Puddleduck"?

  5. My dad used to read me books about mice in particular. I have a funny story about these mice books too. If you can't wait for me to write it in detail, you can visit Dad's antics at Squidoo, where I talk about dad and his storytelling.


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