Monday, September 26, 2011

Bitesize fiction. "I hate you"

"Are you going to go already?" He kept pressing the keys on his keyboard lazily, killing monsters in a video game. He didn't even glance at me and I was growing impatient.

"You're the one who should go and apologise. You were a right ass back there!" I waved my hands emphatically towards the door.

"I'm sure I did nothing wrong. She really deserved every word." he commented, not bothering to raise his eyes from the computer screen.

"Did she? Those words were very hurtful, you have no excuse." I began to pace the room, fuming. The monsters in the game growled and the keys clicked.

"I don't like a whiner for a girlfriend. If she can't accept some things about me and won't give me some time out, I really don't want anything to do with her anymore." His tone was flat, as if he were just talking about what a pity it was that it was raining tomorrow.

"Are you that selfish? I thought you really loved her." I grunted, glaring at him.

He simply shrugged. "I guess I didn't."

I strode up to his chair and gripped his collar with one fist and drove the other in his nose. His head snapped back and a small trail of blood started trickling from his left nostril. He finally looked up at me with unreadable eyes. "So you were just playing games with her? She's my little sister, you know you will pay for it, right?"

He wiped the blood off his lips with the back of his hand and offered me a small smile. It wasn't friendly, it was a little sad and disappointed. "I know you don't really care about your ditzy sister, so stop the theatrics. You and I both know I only went out with her as a favour to you." He paused for a few meaningful seconds. "So, basically, it's your fault too."

My eyes went wide. In a hidden corner of my mind, I had to agree with him. I didn't want to show it though.

"She wouldn't flinch a finger for you if you were in danger, but I would. And I know you would do the same for me. So, really, leave her be, she'll be fine." His eyes were honest and he spoke calmly, despite the blood staining his face and shirt.
I felt my grip on his collar falter. "I hate you!" I spat for good measure and let go. I handed him a box of tissues I found in his room and sat down beside him, defeated. He was right, absolutely right and I was a fool for denying it. With all his flaws and arrogance, I realised looking into those eyes that I said "I hate you", but in truth, I meant something completely different...


  1. This one is a bit better compared to the previous ones.
    Don't read too much into it, you might not like it.

  2. Another tale with a twist :)

    I have a surprise for you over at my blog :)

  3. Thank you so much! ^^ That's a wonderful surprise, Desiree!

  4. Quite a few of my followers left comments indicating they would visit your blog. I hope they do :)

  5. Dropping over from Desiree's blog she was absolutely right you are a wonderful talented poet. I look forward to coming back and reading more.Congrats on your book. I know how hard the decision of publishing your personal work is. You really made a good decision to share it with the world. It would have been a shame to hide your talent. B

  6. Great story with a twist. Here from Blog Entourage linky to follow and be nosy ;D Wish I had the guts to publish my poems, but I can't imagine anyone buying the book. Congrats to you. Shah. X

  7. Thank you! Well, the book isn't really selling :D But I'm glad about it being out there nonetheless

  8. Hi Lavi, just dropping by to wish you well with all your writing projects. You're very talented.

    Re your book, it all takes time, word-of-blogger spreads.

    Cheerio for now :D)


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