Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bitesize fiction. Normality

"Ok, why exactly are you here?"
"Because I thought my intelligence would get the better of me."
"My intelligence... You see" and he looked left and right, then leaned in to whisper secretly "I'm almost certain my mind is a lot smarter than I am."
"And you see that as a problem?"
"Well, yes. Especially when it's trying to take over my life." The look on his face was very serious.
"Go on."
"The situation is getting out of control. People are looking at me in strange ways. They are starting to ignore me. My girlfriend complains I'm trying to make her look stupid."
"And you would like to change all that."
"Yes, I want to be a normal regular guy all the time. No spark of genius, no sleeping on the couch."
"I understand what you mean. We have had several cases similar to yours. I will prescribe you a medicine that will suppress your neural paths. You will be an average Joe."
"Thank you." He smiled for the first time since the meeting.
Sometimes, too much of a good thing can have harmful consequences.


  1. Very clever :D)
    Unfortunately there is a medicine for just about everything :(

  2. This is so astute, Lavi. The universal mind wants us all to be the same, no room for individuality or sheer brilliance. We are so much more compliant when we're all sheep (apologies, sheep! It's really just an unfortunate expression!).

  3. Very intriguing and insightful story!

  4. Wow...from reading the comments above, I think that one went right over my head :-)

  5. I wanted to say hello to you and wow, I really liked this story and hurray to Desiree for winning your fab I shall have to buy it :)

    Have you thought of putting your stories on YouWriteOn? I'm sure you'd get some really nice feedback there too.

  6. Thanks everyone. Hmm, to my mind, this whole thing was a bit of a stew of ideas.

    I noticed in school that the kid who always knew everything wasn't very popular. Unless someone wanted to copy their homework or exam papers. I'm pretty sure it happens in adult societies too, but not too often.

    These are just exercises and to fill the posts (sad for me). I enjoy reviews, but don't have any time to return the favour. That's why I didn't do much on the poetry site either.

  7. Nobody likes a know-all, and sometimes particularly when you are young you feel like you so get the world but no-one else does. Well captured!


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