Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reaching out to the abyss

A muse is... What is a muse?

Most of my love interests have been far away, unreachable in one way or another. Often, in distance. Other times (most of the times, in fact), the person was simply not interested in me.

Could there be some truth in the cliche saying that "art is created through suffering"?

This has certainly been the case with my poems. But not the usual kind of suffering, no. An emptiness in my heart, missing something or someone I could never have. And the accursed too vivid imagination to fill up the gaps with illusions.

Muses are meant to be so enticing, they elicit tears. Untouchable, unreachable... perhaps even impossible. And, to the enjoyment of the audience and to the woe of the artist, imaginable.


  1. Yes, I think there is some truth in the saying that art is created oftentimes through suffering. I think some suffering affords us a greater understanding and appreciation of all things in a way that being complacent and comfortable do not.

    BTW I have not yet heard from in hope though :)

  2. What beautiful writing this is - a poem in its own right.


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