Thursday, July 21, 2011

A journey without a proper destination

"The first of many." he said. I looked almost incredulous. Could one of my craziest dreams be allowed to roam free?

That was my first book. A collection of poems. Publishing it was like flinging a piece of my heart out to the universe.

And after that, a new step into the unknown, guided only by my fingers on the keyboard. It used to be a pencil on an old notebook page, eraser close by, just in case. There are no mistakes in poetry though. Just a flow of words.

Now, I must think cautiously before unveiling this new world to you. My yet unnamed story. Of "great adventures, unforgettable". A world of dreams, a search that will eventually lead back to the one most important place in the world.

I am still struggling with my ideas, who run amock like they always do. I'm still afraid and very uneasy. Will the journey be as good as the guidebook says? Will my readers be honest? Will I be honest with myself?

I guess we'll just all have to start off on this path together and see where it takes us.


  1. Lavi, I am absolutely confident that you will write a great story! You are definitely talented and just need to allow yourself to write freely, unencumbered by self-doubts and not trying to second guess anyone else. Just write from your heart, the way you write your poetry!

  2. I know your story will be wonderful as it comes from your heart. You are a brave and talented writer.

  3. How is your plant cutting doing? Any sign that it has started putting out roots yet? Meant to ask you but it kept slipping my mind! I pruned our hibiscus shrubs today and that reminded me.

  4. Thank you, your encouragement makes me really happy and confident.
    The plant will get its spotlight soon. It will be a surprise (for me too).


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