Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bitesize fiction. Only the eyeless know

The sound of water dripping seemed awfully eerie in the silence. Added dampness to an already wet stone ground. Pik-pik-pik. Endlessly.

I couldn't move for a long while, listening to the sound, hypnotised. Where was the sun? I didn't dare open my eyes, because I knew what was expecting me. Darkness. I opened them either way, wide, peering into the endless black. I stared intently, not blinking, until my eyes hurt.

The ground was hard, yet smooth to the touch, like polished marble. And wet, so wet. The drop sounded like it was falling on top of my head. Where was the drippy faucet? I should turn it off. Had someone been doing the dishes and carelessly left it to drip?

I tried to stand up, but slipped and fell to the cold ground. My knee was hurt and I found myself hissing and grumbling at runny faucets. I eventually managed to sit up and look up towards where the sun, moon or stars should have been. Nothing.

I was getting hungry and my knee was pulsing with pain. Where was I? Where was the humanity, the sun? "Hello, sun!" I yelled. A howling voice answered "Hello, sun!" again and again, coming from every corner.

Then silence. Only the dripping could be heard. Pik-pik-pik.


  1. Now I want to know why it was so dark and why the protagonist had hurt his/her knee...!!!

  2. Hmm, unfortunately, I don't plan on writing more than these short bits of text... I want to try whatever pops in my mind.

    But in this case, the character was in a cave. And seems to have hit their head as well as their knee :D

  3. Well, you certainly succeeded in capturing my attention :)


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