Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Digging out tattered old memories

She fell in her chair and dozed off on the desk in approximately half a minute, which, she would later have to admit, was a record. Everything was working just fine, she was just about to fight off a relatively dangerous nightmare, when a firm hand grabbed her ear and tried to extend it out of the known universe, pulling her out of the dream in the process.
Lavi, an unfinished story

I have been rummaging through my old poems and stories (or at least the ones I bothered to transcribe on the computer) from long, long ago. There are some as old as 5-6 years ago and most of them are undated and untitled. Even more of them are unfinished.

It is like an old box full of old junk kept in the attic. I'm just dusting it off, clearing all the spiderwebs covering it and peering inside suspiciously. I expect to cringe at a lot of them. I wasn't exactly proud of a lot of those stories and never published them on the internet (or shown them to anyone for that matter).

I used to want to be a sci-fi writer... I read science fiction with the avidity and hunger of a child gobbling sweets. I always had a book stashed on my nightstand and would read from it at any given moment. It was the best excuse for not doing homework. It got so bad, that, at a time when most parents would beg their children to read, mine would try to make me stop.

But I digress... Now, the biggest reason why I always thought that I wasn't yet ready to write sci-fi (remember, I was 12-14 years old) was that it required a solid knowledge of science. Therefore, I did my best to fit all the "science for kids" knowledge in my brain. I was also keen to learn Physics and was quite good at it too.

I also didn't have a lot of ideas for a plot. Therefore, I thought I'd start simple, with practicing on different subjects. I would sit for hours and try to imagine every aspect of the story, but not necessarily in the chronological order. I still have a big unfinished story that has no beginning, some middle sections and I'm not sure about the ending.

Ever since I got into the whole blogging business, I kind of fancy continuing my little literary attempts. I'm not too keen on starting yet another blog, so maybe this would do. How about "bite-size fiction"? Would anyone like to read that? (Pay close attention, I'm still going to post them, regardless of the answer. This is my little "throwing stones in a pond" blog. I don't feel like writing on a schedule or for a certain public.)


  1. WELCOME BACK, Lavi! Where did you go for your little holiday??? It's always good for the soul to see something new or not routinely familiar...even a short break of only two days can work its magic :)

    I do hope you had a lovely time!

    I would definitely LOVE to read your 'literary experiments', if I may call them that, as and when you feel inclined to share them! :)

    As I've stated before, I think you're a talented writer and so whatever you deliver, should be worthwhile reading, even though I'm personally not 'into' sci-fi ;)

    It was super having you visit my blog - I noticed that you caught up on a string of posts...thank you for the lovely comments you left in each instance...as always, greatly appreciated, Lavi!!!


    Des xo

  2. Thank you! I went to Piatra Neamt (a town in the north of Romania) for a darts competition. Needless to say, I neither won, nor did I go sightseeing.

    I attempted a quick "experiment". Will have a link to the "bitesize fiction" label in the link list for future "experiments".

  3. AAAW! Sorry you didn't win your competition and too bad there wasn't a chance of doing any sightseeing :(


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