Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deşteaptă-te, române!

Today, I got an e-mail from mom about great Romanian people and their achievements. And about how they often get pushed aside or have their inventions stolen by other people. And we say it over and over again, that our country is probably the worst in the world. I would say, no, Romania can still produce wonderful people, but it all goes to waste when we are led by stupid and egotistic people.

It's no secret, because now, after the Communist regime, we can at least voice our opinion without getting arrested. But what we say still falls on deaf ears, I'm afraid.

The e-mail I got is very long, talking about inventions I haven't even heard of. Some of them would even revolutionise transport, medicine, energy production, but for some reason they have been swept under the rug. Why? Because some full pockets would become really empty if those inventions became the norm.

The people here know about it. We complain about it constantly, but very little can be done about it. A new revolution? An evolution, maybe? Maybe when enough people with strong common-sense and the desire to help this country rather than themselves would come to power, will we manage to crawl out of the desperation hole we've dug for ourselves.

A cloud shaped like Romania.

Our school system is one of the most difficult and tedious I've ever heard about. We are taught many many things. We have to solve complicated problems for homework. Some of us can't cope with all of that. Some of us love it and this controversial educational system has produced and still produces illustrious minds.

I am very proud of many of my classmates. A lot of them have been to national school competitions (not spelling bees, mind you, the olympiads) in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, English and French and often won prizes. I know, I went with them. We felt like we were the best among the best. We are.

It's rather ironic... Our decades-old national anthem is still very true today. Wake up, Romanian people!


  1. This is amazing, Lavi. I know almost nothing about Romania! How sad that there is so much talent and so many creative, brilliant minds and yet, that you're being given so little rocognition as a nation. That is shameful!

    I would LOVE to know more about your country and the life you had while growing up. You have alluded to it once or twice (in comments on my blog), but have not offered any details. I so enjoyed the post you did on TEA, and there, you mentioned how you and your family would go into the mountains to source fresh leaves. That sounds so incredibly romantic/rustic/rural and special to vastly different from my own experiences of life.

    It's obvious you've had an excellent education - your writing is gifted, inspired, intellectually provoking. And I'm astounded by your proficiency in English, not only that you're so fluent, but that you're able to express yourself so deeply and poetically!

    I am really enjoying your blog...and BTW what a LOVELY, new photograph! You are beautiful! I have wondered why you describe yourself as 'a funny little person' ??? Now that you've enlightened me on the underlying mindset of your countrymen, how 'repressed' you've been...would that have anything to do with it? I think you're an incredible young woman...bright, talented, lovely! I'd NEVER describe you as 'a funny little person!' and I'm sure your Mother doesn't (even if your brother does!!!) Perhaps you should change that, in your profile? PROJECT YOURSELF! You have no need to ridicule/denigrate who you are!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Desiree... You flatter me. To be honest, I grew up in a small village and then a little town. My family has always loved nature and my dad and I had always wanted to live in a house and have our own garden.

    And about my profile... I might have said it wrong, but what I meant was that I have a sense of humour and that I'm not tall (which gives me a different perspective on things). I also aspire to be a writer somehow.
    Thanks again for all your lovely thoughts!


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