Friday, March 25, 2011

Where birds fear to fly

You know the Chinese temples high up in the heart of the misty mountains. Or maybe you've read and seen artwork from The Lord of the Rings, where Rivendell is a big valley in the mountains.

Imagine, sitting up there, feeling the crisp air, looking down at the stone cliffs covered here and there with clouds of white mist. As your gaze tumbles down the steep slopes, you see more and more scattered trees, green and stubborn, growing out of solid rock.

I often dream (in my daylight dreams) that I am up there, looking at all the majesty of nature. I can't even begin to describe the beauty of the scenery. You have to dream yourself there to understand. And those who have actually been there... lucky duckies!

I am quite mad, you see, so I also dream that I fit in there like a water drop in the sea. I am a visionary scholar coming to study and meditate at the temple, a fearless warrior on a quest or coming to find solace and stillness after the roar of battle, a young maiden seeking inspiration for writing. And sometimes, all of these at once.

I instinctively seek quiet places, darkness or dull skies. I like to feel the reassurance of a solid, unmovable wall behind me and that gives me courage to look down into the abyss in front of me. Stillness is more than a word; it is a state of mind. Nature has infinite patience and those beautiful stone cliffs stand and watch the world, unchanged, measuring time in years, centuries.

Come with me. Look at the mountains, the green valley, stay a while. Breathe.


  1. What a beautiful little spot to go to in your daytime dreams!

  2. This is beautiful, Lavi! You've definitely inspired me to step into this exquisite landscape, too!


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